Our card is dependent on the market, sometimes resulting in last-minute changes or lack of a product; we thank you in advance for your indulgence.


The entry of the Logis according to the Chef’s market 11,00 €
St Jacques Snackées, Banyuls Juice, Primeurs of the Instant 14,00 €
Terrine of Duck Foie Gras Semi-Cooked with Citrus 14,00 €
Poached Duck Foie Gras, Bouillon Terre Mer 17,00 €


The Logis dish according to the Chef’s market 21,00 €
Wild fish from Atlantic or Mediterranean scy € 23.00
Pavé of veal of here: in Tartar or in Fire Pot Minute 25,00 €
Young Pigeon, Thigh Confit Banyuls, Supreme Sweet Cooking and Carcass Juice 31,00 €

dishes accompanied by vegetables as they come


Dessert of the Logis according to the chef’s market 8,00 €
Spring Dessert: From Brest to Carmaux 9,00 €
Crepe “Odette” and not “Suzette” 11,00 €


The presence of this logo informs you that the dishes served are prepared on the spot from raw products.Some sauces can be elaborated from funds or pre-prepared aroma …

All our dishes are prepared on the spot and are likely to contain allergenic products containing: gluten, eggs, peanuts, nuts, crustaceans, molluscs … In case of intolerance, allergy, to one of these products, or Vegetarian Choice we will propose an adapted menu;

Beef Meat of Races with Meat, Origin France.
Veal of Aveyron and Segala.

Beef meats may be punctually from other origins that will be indicated to you, but always from Meat breeds.